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8171 BISP New Online Registration

8171 BISP is an active organization founded in 2008. BISP stands for Benazir Income Support Programme. It is the most popular program in Pakistan through which millions of people in Pakistan are being helped in terms of financial and ration.

People living in Pakistan are financially weak with a poverty score of 30%.

Why was there a need to institute 8171 BISP?

Pakistan is one of the poor countries and most of the people living here are suffering from poverty. whose businesses were destroyed by sudden calamities or epidemics? It became difficult for them to stand on their feet again.

The government created this institution to meet the economic needs of the people, without any color race, political interference, caste, or religious beliefs, and founded this institution to serve the people.

Before launching each program, the government enacts an act in the assembly under which the program is created and it works under the administrative patronage of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the supreme patronage of the President of Pakistan.

Objectives of the BISP program are as follows.

  • To increase the financial capacity of poor people and their dependent family members.
  • Formulating policies for the betterment of the weak and marginalized on a comprehensive and sustainable basis and formulating and implementing target programs.
  • To reduce poverty is to distribute wealth equitably and to encourage entrepreneurship among low-income groups.

8171 BISP New Online Registration

BISP is a program created by the government of Pakistan in which monthly money is provided to the program. In this program there were online programs which are not available. There will be your registration.

You can also register in BISP Portal 8171 Check Online Registration | BISP 8171

Institutions and their offices

BISP operates through a network of 385 tehsil offices and 35 divisional offices across the country from its headquarters in Chhala Khatali and Islamabad.

BISP Online Registration

For registration of people through the Benazir Income Support Programme, BISP has set up NSPR which transparently scrutinizes the assets of the people and qualifies them.

In 2008, NSER teams used to go door-to-door to register people, but now its offices have been set up in every tehsil and district where the candidate can go and register himself and become eligible.

NSER Survey Eligibility Check

Following is the procedure to check eligibility of registration done through NSER survey

Through Online Web Portal

Here’s how to check your survey eligibility through the online portal

First, you go to the official website of the government 8171pass.gov.pk, enter your National Identity Card number and then enter the code given in the image and click on the button to find out.
You will then be informed of your eligibility.

Through SMS

Here’s how to check your eligibility via SMS:

First of all, go to the message box on your mobile and write your ID card number and send it to 8171. After which you will be informed about the eligibility.

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