Baitul Mal Increased Amount for Needy People- New Update 2023

Baitul Mal Increased Amount for Needy People- New Update 2023

Through Baitul Mal, poor widows, destitute women, orphans, and disabled persons are helped through various means like medical treatment, rehabilitation, education, and financial assistance.

Baitul Mal is an Arabic word that translates as the house of money or the home of wealth. In Islamic history, Bait Ul Mal was a financial institution that was responsible for the system of Islamic states. This financial institution worked on the expenses of the Islamic system.

During the reign of Hazrat Umar (R.A), the situation changed a lot, the money came in large numbers through war victories, then Hazrat Umar (R.A) allowed the men who fought in the army to be paid that he was the governor of Bahrain, he used to send an income of five hundred thousand dirhams. To run the Baitul Mal, Hazrat Umar (R.A) assigned some people to keep a record of the net amount and outstanding expenses. Baitul Mal Scholarship 2023

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Baitul Mal Increased Amount for Needy People- New Update 2023

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درخواست دینے کے لئے لنک پر کلک کریں

Federal Budget June 2023

In the budget presented on June 9, 2023, the federal government has allocated a budget of 4 billion rupees which will be used for the following programs mentioned above.

Needy People update online

Another good news for the poor people is that a program has been made by the government of Pakistan. He will now give 7000 per month to poor people. Therefore, you should be registered in this program, qualify, and be entitled to 7000.

Pakistan Baitul Maal projects

  • Shelter home
  • Sweet home
  • Pakistan Thalassemia
  • Individual financial assistance
  • PBM old home
  • Women Employment Centre
  • Pakistan Baitulmal School
  • Old Home

Shelter Home

The Social Welfare Department first established an institution called Darul Aman in 8 districts to provide shelter to abused women with the aim of providing human rights to abused women in society by helping women understand their rights and get guidance in getting and then gradually this institution was established in all the districts of Punjab. 20 to 50 women can be provided accommodation in this institution.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home is to provide educational opportunities to orphans through which you can get admission from 8th standard to college. All these seats are reserved for orphans.

Pakistan Thalassemia

Thalassemia is the name of blood deficiency in the body passed from one family to another. In Pakistan, about one lakh patients are suffering from thalassemia and every year 5000 thousand children are born suffering from this disease. There is a need that is unbearable for the poor family in Pakistan.

PBM Old Home

The PBM Act envisages the rehabilitation of destitute and needy persons. As per the Act, the Baitul-Mal Board in its 51st meeting decided to establish PBM Old Home. After the successful implementation of the pilot phase, the scheme will be replicated for women as well.

PBM Old Home will provide the basic necessities of life in a dignified manner and in a family-like environment such as lodging, accommodation, food, clothing, medical case, recreation, etc.

Women Employment Centre

This program provides employment to women who have been needed for years in this program to meet the labor resources for the workers to work for the tasks and for the efficiency of the company.

Pakistan Baitulmal School

Through this program, the poor and deserving children of Pakistan are to be provided with the basic needs of education. Provides an opportunity.

Old Home

The Old Home Program created by Baitul-Mal aims to provide home facilities to the elderly living in Pakistan along with food and basic needs.

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