Benazir Income Support Program And Its History

Benazir Income Support Program And Its History

Benazir Income Support Program And Its History: The objective of Benazir Income Support Program was to provide monthly assistance to very low income families. So that these families can meet their monthly expenses to some extent. And they should not spread their hands in front of others. 8171 portal. The idea was good but political motives were working behind it. 

And his aim was to increase the number of his voters and gain their political support. However, when this program was started during the era of the People’s Party, these people were selectively registered. 8171 pass gov pk.

Those who supported or sympathized with the People’s Party. People’s Party workers were also openly honored with this program. 8171 ehsaas program 25000 is given. Benazir Income Support Program And Its History:

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Benazir Income Support Program And Members 

Many members of the same family washed their hands in this flowing Ganga. In the same frenzy, government employees were also attacked. And they also joined the Benazir Income Support Program stipend holders. Guess the number of these government employees is more than 14 thousand. While they include 2 thousand 543 officers from grade 17 to 21. You can do bisp 8171 online apply 2022.

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This is the case of the government employees, if further research is done, there will be countless such people among the beneficiaries of the program. Those who are financially comfortable and prosperous but are getting stipend by using their influence under the theory of “Muft Haath Aaye To Bura Kya Hai”,

Seen in this way, the number of truly deserving people will turn out to be very few among the registered people of this program. The reason for this is that recommendation, bribery and influence have a special influence in every institution and system. The poor, indigent, destitute and destitute have none of these resources and are unable to get their rights despite being deserving. Eligibility bisp check is very easy.

Irrespective of this debate, if it is assumed that Benazir Income Support Program stipend recipients include all the deserving people, how many are they? While 40 percent of the country’s population lives below the poverty line. The present government has further increased this rate, is the Benazir Income Support Program covering all these people?

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Benazir Income Support Program And scholarships 

Obviously, this is not the case when this program cannot provide scholarships to all the deserving people of the country. So its effectiveness becomes limited and ineffective. The real need is to create such a favorable economic environment in the country. 

In which the deprived sections of the country rise above the poverty line and learn to live within their means. Instead of making the people self-sufficient, our rulers are considering it as their achievement to graft them into poverty. Although this is not a feat, it is a stupid move. Just like the Benazir Income Support Program is nothing but a stupid scheme. 

Similarly, the anchors of the current government also come in the definition of stupidity. If the details of these langar boxes are known today. So it will be known that only free food and mushtanda are benefiting from them. And it is not possible for the poor, the destitute and the poor to access them. 

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Benazir Income Support Program And Prime Minister

Prime Minister Imran Khan himself has admitted that his salary does not support him. Honorable Sirajul Haq has said it correctly. That when the person taking 2 lakh rupees per month is expressing his helplessness. So imagine how those earning fifteen and twenty thousand rupees per month will be supporting their family in this inflation.

These people are not 10,20,000 but their number is in crores and crores are people who don’t even have enough resources, so will anchorages be opened for all of them? The concept of anchorage is very ancient, dating back to a time when modern means of transportation were lacking, people traveled on horses, donkeys, camels and bullock carts. 

If night came on the way, these travelers would have sought shelter for the night and needed food to fill their stomachs. This need invented the concept of inns and anchorages and the righteous rulers of ancient times provided the facility of inns and anchorages for their subjects. 

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Benazir Income Support Program And Establishing 

History mentions the name of Sher Shah Suri who established inns and anchorages for travelers. If Imran Khan also wants to register his name among ancient rulers by establishing sanctuaries and anchorages in modern times, congratulations to him, but this is not the solution to the problem.

The only solution to the problem is to control inflation. Abundant and cheap supply of food items should be ensured and special attention should be given to the development of agriculture. Pakistan is primarily an agricultural country and the development and prosperity of Pakistan is entirely dependent on the development of agriculture, while agriculture is the most neglected sector in the country. There is no agricultural policy from the government.

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Pakistan has a prominent position among the cotton producing countries. But this time the production of cotton has also decreased. And Pakistan will have to import cotton to run its cotton industry. The case of wheat is also strange, first it was sold abroad. When the situation arose, now three to three lakh tons of wheat was being ordered from outside. It will take several months to reach Pakistan. By that time, the domestic wheat crop will be ready and in the market.

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