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BISP Internship Program Online Registration 2023

BISP Internship Program aims to start the program for the poor and deserving youth of Pakistan who are passing out after completing their education.

They have no skills and no money to start a business. Under this objective, the Government of Pakistan is starting a program called BISP Internship Program to teach skills to poor and underprivileged students.

Under this program, the youth are taught various skills and given a stipend to do their own business and contribute to the country’s economic development. This program has been started only to provide business opportunities to the youth.

That the country can develop. Pakistan is a developing country and economically weak, due to which the educated people are unemployed, so the government is teaching them business by giving them scholarships.

What is Internship?

Internships provide short-term supervised work experience related to the student’s specific field of study or career aspirations.

The program will integrate learning experience through specific briefings with the goal of gaining practical work experience.

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Internship Conditions:

The internship can start their internship only after agreeing to the terms:

  1. The internship will be for working hours not less than three months but not more than six months as already practiced.
  2. An intern is not eligible to consult with the BISP Secretariat during the internship period.
  3. An intern is not considered a staff member of the Secretariat and hence any allowances are agreed between the BISP Secretariat and him.
  4. The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with University Institutions for Intern BISP Graduate
  5. Students with 80% attendance will be offered an internship of six to eight weeks undergraduate internship by BISP, with no future commitment.

BISP Internship Program 

BISP Internship Program is designed to help people who are very poor and cannot meet their expenses with their own income, so the government of Pakistan started this program which provides monthly financial assistance to the poor people. Poor people can get monthly money from this program and improve their life.

bisp internship program


Click on the following link to apply for BISP Internship.

Intership program

Obligations of the Secretariat

The BISP Secretariat will be bound by these instructions.

  1. The Secretariat will provide the intern with a conducive working environment and working space.
  2. Provide interns with a quality experience that includes meaningful activities and opportunities to learn and gain practical work experience clearly defined in the interns’ chosen field of study and work.
  3. An appropriate member of the division staff supervises the interns to ensure that their problems and concerns are addressed.
  4. In any official capacity, the BISP Secretariat is expected to add value to the organization through its work.
  5. ​​The Secretariat will issue a certificate letter to the interns on the successful completion of the internship.

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BISP Internship Program Eligibility

  • 16 years HEC recognized degree or equivalent three-year diploma 50% marks or 2.5 CGPA in Matric FSC Final Degree Diploma.
  • The interns will be recruited for three to six months with a fixed salary of 10,000 per month with 80% attendance.
  • The age limit should be between 22 years to 30 years at the time of submission of the application.
  • Female candidates are encouraged to apply.
  • Madrasas graduates are also eligible to apply.
  • Disabled applicants have a 2% quota.
  • the 5% quota is reserved for minorities.

Application Procedure

  • All the internship placements of the Secretariat will be advertised on the website of the Secretariat by the Human Resources Headquarters Islamabad.
  • All prospective interns are advised to visit the BISP Secretariat website where internship opportunities will be posted.
  • Applicants must complete the online application form and provide a letter from the sponsoring institution (university or college) if required.
  • Applications should only be considered for the advertised internship program.
  • Applicants should not forward a copy of their diploma unless specified.
  • Applicants should clearly and concisely describe the potential Internet applicant submitting the application.

Key Objectives:

  • To promote the work of BISP among the youth and to develop advocates.
  • Attracting and developing future talent.
  • To provide the interns with a standing opportunity to participate in the fields of BISP.
  • To create professional development opportunities for students.
  • Building an advocacy network for public sector organizations.
  • Internships provide short-term supervised work experience related to a student’s specific field of study or career aspirations.


These guidelines are applicable to all interns in the BISP Secretariat. The internship program does not fall under any other form of short term.BISP Secretariat shall be bound by these instructions.

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