BISP Program List

BISP Program List for Poor People in Pakistan 2023-24

Through the BISP program list we will tell you which programs the government has created to serve which people. In order to serve the people, the government of Pakistan has created an institution of BISP through which various programs are run as 70% of the population of Pakistan is poor and indigent so that the wealth can be distributed on the basis of equality.

The purpose of creating these programs is that due to various epidemics and floods in Pakistan, people’s businesses have been destroyed, due to which inflation has increased greatly and people’s purchasing power has also disappeared.

For this purpose, the government registered people according to their eligibility and assisted them according to their status.

BISP Program Online Registration

If you want to register in the BISP Program Online Registration, the procedure is very easy to register in this program, you have to send your CNIC number to phone number 8171. After sending all this, you will receive a message from your BISP, in which you will also be told how much your money will be if you give all the information about where you have to get this money. 

BISP Program List for Poor People in Pakistan 2023-24

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Waseela Taleem

The government of Pakistan has created a resource education program for poor and underprivileged children. Children who are fond of reading and writing but do not have the means to read or their parents do not send them to study, so the government has set a stipend for these children so that those children can stand on their own feet by getting their education. They may not be in need of anyone.

The government wants education to be universal in Pakistan and the society to become literate and conscious.

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Waseela e Rozgar

The Government of Pakistan has allocated a budget for employment resources through BISP in which people are taught various skills and programs free of cost so that youth can learn skills stand on their own feet and support their families.

The Government releases funds to NAVTTC to teach various skills to the graduating youth so that they can be qualified for their business.

Waseela e Sehat

Pakistanis faced problems due to various crises. These include education, employment, and health issues.

The government has allocated a huge amount of money for health under which hospitals have been built at the tehsil level, apart from this the government has also issued health cards for deserving families under which the poor and needy people can get their treatment from anywhere. All members of the family can get their treatment for up to 10 lahks through a health card.

Interest Free Loan

The government is now providing interest-free loans to the youth through which the youth can support themselves and their families by doing any business (in which they specialize in Business).”

Cash Transfer Program

BISP provides assistance to people in the form of cash which is known as the Cash Transfer Programme. This cash is given to the beneficiary every three months.

This time the government is giving 9000 thousand rupees by increasing the cash by 25%. Earlier, the government was giving 8750 rupees because the needs of the people were not being met during this period of inflation, so the government increased the amount.”

Waseela e Haq

The Waseela e Haq program helps the poor and indigent to access justice because the people cannot get justice because of influential people or they do not have the money to pursue the case, the government would have given them legal guidance. Is. This legal aid is provided free of charge. For this, people are encouraged to seek legal advice.

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