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Kamyab Jawan Program gov pk online registration 2023

Kamyab Jawan program is an economic stabilization program by the government of Pakistan. According to the vision of the Government of Pakistan. Kamyab Jawan Program financing scheme is offered for entrepreneurial youth.

Eligible persons can apply for the said financing only through the successful youth portal. This is a very good initiative of the Government of Pakistan through which the youth will get social security to start their own business.

With this program, Pakistan’s economy will get a boost and Pakistan will develop. 70% of Pakistan’s population is economically weak, so the government of Pakistan has tried to strengthen people economically by giving loans.

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Kamyab Jawan Program

The Government of Pakistan, understanding the financial needs of young entrepreneurs and SMI businesses, introduced the Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Entrepreneurial Scheme. This financing scheme will be the most affordable financing for youth to establish and strengthen new SMA businesses.

According to the directive of the Government of Pakistan, 25% of the financing will be given to women customers because the development of the country without women is inevitable.

The successful youth program was launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan to empower the youth socio-economically. It is an unemployment alternative that will fulfill all the economic needs of the youth.

It protects the youth of Pakistan that they will be eligible for unsecured government loans from a 6 percent markup to 3 percent. Youths will be eligible to apply for easy loans for their businesses for registration in the Success Youth Program.

This program is a program regardless of any provincial or cultural differences. It aims to provide financial assistance to youths of different backgrounds and cultural identities at the federal and provincial levels. Through the successful youth program, foreign exchange is earned by using the wealth in various businesses.

Eligibility Criteria in the Kamyab Jawan Program

  • All male and female holders of Pakistan National Identity Card (CNIC) between the ages of eighteen to 45 years and capable of doing business.
  • The minimum age limit for IT or e-commerce businesses will be 18 years.
  • Minimum education of Matriculation or equivalent is required for IT or e-commerce-related business.
  • Small and Medium Enterprises Startups and existing businesses owned by youth will be eligible as per the above-mentioned age limits.
  • In the case of agriculture, the classification of farmers will be applicable as per SBP’s indicative credit limits and eligibility for Agriculture Financing 2020.

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kamyab jawan program

Types of Loans

Long-term loans for machinery and equipment, working capital loans, running finance, and business leasing on locally manufactured vehicles.

Tenure of the loan

The loan tenure will be up to eight years.

Loan Size

The loan will be disbursed in three tiers which are as follows.

T1 Loans

One Million rupees (1 million).

T2 Loans

Up to one million rupees (10 million).

T3 Loans

10 million to 25 million

How to Apply for Kamyab Jawan Program

kamyab jawan program application status

Click here to apply through the official portal. The form will be in both English and Urdu and will require minimum essential information in a simple format available on the Succeed Jawan portal provided by the government.

The processing time will be at least 30 days and will be clearly stated in the form. The non-refundable form processing fee will be Rs.100. Including NADRA Online CNIC Verification Fee.

Take a loan from one of the banks designated by the government.

Financing will be approved or rejected according to the customer’s profile and eligibility as per the government scheme and the bank’s financial policy. The user will be informed about the decision through SMS on the provided number.

Financing will be provided to successful customers for the purchase of assets or inventory as per Shariah guidelines.

Kamyab Jawan Applicants

The Bank of Punjab just calls 042-32560315 for your successful young program application.

Contact our Helpline at 111-267-200 for more information

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