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Kisan Card Registration Check Online 2023

The main purpose of Kisan Card Registration is the financial assistance which is initiated by the federal government to help the poor farmers and cultivators of the country.

This program provides many benefits and assistance to eligible farmers and growers.

This includes credit card facilities, insurance coverage, and input subsidy. Kisan cards are issued to farmers benefiting from government schemes. The objective of issuing Kisan Card is to provide assistance to farmers in a transparent manner.

Eligibility Criteria for Kisan Card

The following farmers and cultivators are eligible for Kisan Card Program.

  • Small farmers who have agricultural land up to 12.5 acres.
  • Sharecroppers, tenant farmers.
  • Farmers who do not own land but are engaged in crop production activities.
  • Peasant women
  • Those who have land but no money to cultivate it.

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Kisan Card Registration

The Punjab government has started a program to provide poor farmers with low-cost fertilizers, seeds, and agricultural commodities. In this, cheap goods are given to the poor farmers. To provide cheap goods, you must have your Kisan card, then you can buy fertilizers and essentials in easy installments.

Kisan Card Registration Check Online 2023 New Update

Kisan Card Registration Check Online

A form has been released on the official website of the government, PITB, which is digital. Through this login, a facility is provided to the farmers so that the farmers can open the form and get their eligibility information as the farmer data is already entered in it.


Benefits of Kisan Card

The Kisan Card program provides the following benefits to eligible farmers and growers.

  • Credit facilities for agriculture-related activities, such as crop production, livestock farming, and fishing.
  • Insurance coverage for crops, livestock, and assets;
  • Subsidies on inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.
  • Access to technical assistance and training to improve agricultural practices.
  • Easy access to market information and links to sell your crop.
  • There are no strict conditions for repaying the loan through Kisan Card.
  • They have to be paid after the harvest when they get the money.

The system contains information about farmers’ land ownership, irrigation systems, demographics, contact details, and livestock numbers.
Adequate funds have been earmarked for schemes issued to eligible farmers under this system.

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Kisan Card Apply Online

Farmers who have been issued cards can apply for the Kisan Card program by visiting the nearest branch of Kisan Banks or Microfinance Institutions.

Have to provide your CNIC land ownership documents and other relevant information to complete the application process.

Loan Repayment Period

Repayment of loans under the Kisan Card program with flexible repayment terms ranging from six months to five years. Loan repayment is linked to crop production period and income from agricultural activities.

Lending Banks

Kisan Card is being implemented by many banks and microfinance institutions in Pakistan. Among them National Bank of Pakistan Agriculture, Development Bank, Habib Bank Limited, and Khushali Microfinance Bank.

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