Punjab Khidmat Card Balance Check Online 2023

Punjab Khidmat Card Balance Check Online 2023

Punjab Khidmat Card is actually a program created by Punjab Government for disabled people. The government has made Khidmat Card for those who are disabled and they are unable to do their daily life.
The service card was launched in 2014. This program is being extended to cities as well as villages so that every disabled person gets the right. You can also register in the Punjab Service Card program and get the assistance amount.

This payment will be made to disabled persons through the Bank of Punjab. If a disabled person cannot take his wheelchair, the government will also provide him with a wheelchair. If a disabled person is skilled and does not have money to start a business, the government will also provide him a loan under the PM Loan Scheme.

Khidmat Card Login

Click on the following link to log in Khidmat card.

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Punjab Khidmat Card Balance Check Online 2023

Punjab Khidmat Card Registration Center

The Chief Minister of Punjab has released funds for children, youth, and elderly people who are disabled in Punjab and plans are being made to further this program. In the last five months, the Punjab government has distributed 65,000 service cards to the disabled people of Punjab.

More than 45 crore rupees have been distributed through 65 thousand Khidmat Cards to the credit of the Punjab government. This is the best program made to serve humanity.

The government is giving monthly assistance of Rs 2,000 to disabled persons, which can be paid from an ATM. With this assistance, disabled people will be able to live their normal lives.

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Punjab Khidmat Card

Poverty is very high in Punjab, therefore, to provide financial assistance to the poor people in Punjab, they are being given monthly money and in addition to this, they have also been given a service guard so that if they have any problem, they can go to it. You can solve your problem with the card.

Eligibility Criteria in Punjab

The Government has not prescribed any special qualification for the persons eligible for the Khidmat Card.
People from all walks of life like children, old people, elderly women, and disabled people are eligible for this program. There is no age limit in this program.

Jurisdiction Centers

The government has opened more than 150 offices in Punjab to serve the people so that disabled people can avoid problems.


Toll-free number 0800-05050

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