Sila e Fun Program

Sila e Fun Program Online Registration 2023

Under Sila e Fun Program, assistance is being given to those people who belong to an art but could not continue their work due to old age.

The population of Pakistan consists mostly of poor people who have no means of livelihood and can barely make ends meet. Pakistan is the first country to help poor which helps a large number of people.

For this purpose, the Punjab Social Protection Authority has been organized under the Government of Punjab, through which the lack of income of the elderly and disabled people is identified as one of the six challenges facing Punjab.

It helps the elderly who cannot continue their work due to their advanced age. Pakistan is the only country in which a pension is not given to senior citizens.

Sila e Fun Program

Sila is a program in which the people who have participated in dramas, cities, etc., the government is giving them 5000 per month. If their age is more than 50 years, then the government is providing financial assistance to them.

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Punjab Sila e Fun Program

Punjab Sila e Fun Program is a cash transfer program. The needy senior citizens are being given in the form of cash. Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) has been created to help people because Pakistan is a country where pension is not given to the elderly.

Bangladesh, India, and other countries started such a scheme in the 90s. Therefore, creating a cash transfer program for the elderly is very important for the state to take responsibility for the elderly. This program is originally designed for senior artists who have launched a prestigious social pension for artists.

This pension is for those artists whose age is above 50 years, they are being given monthly assistance of 5000 thousand rupees, whose monthly income is less than 15000.

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Sila e Fun Program

Following are the 36 districts of Punjab.

Dera Ghazi KhanFaisalabadGujranwala
LodhranMandi BahauddinMianwali
MultanMuzaffargarhNankana Sahib
Rahim Yar KhanRajanpurRawalpindi
SialkotToba Tek SinghVehari

Punjab Sila e Fun Program Eligibility

Punjab Salalah Art Program Eligibility is as follows.

  • Age fifty years.
  • The monthly income should be less than 15000 rupees.
  • Having spent 25 years of my life in my art.
  • Possess a valid National Identity Card.
  • Be a resident of one of the mentioned districts.

If you want to check your eligibility online, visit the website and enter the correct National Identity Card number and click on the Eligibility Check button.

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Punjab Sila e Fun Program Registration 2023

Under the Punjab Salalah Fun Program Registration 2023, it is being given to the elderly in the form of money to strengthen them economically and give them a respectable place in society and save them from the need of others.

Originally, this program is for senior artists who have spent more than 25 years in their field in the past.

Check Punjab Sila e Fun Program Online

This program is for those seniors who are above 50 years and have spent 25 years of their life in this art. These seniors will be given 5000 per month. If you are also above 50 years, register yourself on this website.

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